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If you are hiring debt relief consolidation services, asking the following questions will help you evaluate and compare different companies, based on their fees and breadth of services.

So you are thinking about signing up for a debt consolidation program. You make the smart choice to compare the costs and offerings of two or three different companies before signing an agreement.

Here are the questions to ask that will help you evaluate which firm is likely to best serve your needs.


Are there any fees to participate in the consolidation program? How much will it cost you? How and when does the company accept your payment? For example, is it a monthly fee, one-time sign-up fee, or both?

You should be highly suspicious of any company that requests a substantial amount of money upfront. Some companies don't charge anything when you begin. Look for modest monthly plan administration fees, as well.


Exactly, what will the debt consolidation company do for you and how is the help provided. Is the firm going to negotiate lower interest rates or late-fee waivers with your credit card companies. Or is your representative only just manage your payments?

Also ask about what other services are covered, such as money-planning tool or debt management training.

Your Debts

Inquire about which of your debts will be included in the firm's consolidation services? For any loans, outstanding balances or other debt that is excluded, you need to be prepared to continue to send payments to those creditors by yourself, every month.

Service Initiation

Precisely when is the company going to start sending payments to your creditors? This is important. Double check the timing to ensure you know what you need to do and what the company needs to do to meet monthly due dates for each balance and debt that you owe.

Even after signing your agreement, always follow-up and check monthly statements to ensure each creditor is receiving payments in a timely manner, consistent with the terms of your agreement with the debt consolidation company.

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