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How to Save Money and Live Well

Why consider the idea of frugal living? For millions of people, the ultimate goal in life is to live "the dream" – owning a home, driving a nice car, and having a college fund set aside for each of their children.

While there is nothing wrong in striving for the fulfillment of this dream, some individuals try to hurry it up. Before they know it, they are paying a mortgage they can't afford or driving cars they don’t really need.

In other words, they are living beyond their means. Instead of achieving the dream, they end up living a financial nightmare.

To avoid finding yourself in this same situation, here are some things you can do save money today without sacrificing your overall lifestyle.

Ideas for Living Frugally

  • Prepare your meals. Eating at fancy restaurants is a nice occasional treat but if you eat out too often, it can definitely burn a hole in your pocket.
  • Learn smart ways of grocery shopping. Plan your meals around fruits and vegetables that are in season and are less expensive, and take advantage of sales and coupons.
  • Buy clothes that are easy to mix and match. You can invest good money on a few pricey pieces but make sure they can be worn in more ways than one. This can save you a lot compared to buying clothes you can only wear a few times in your lifetime.
  • Refrain from buying branded items. Not only are they a needless added expense, but you are teaching your children false values when you are brand conscious.
  • Drive a sensible rather than a flashy vehicle. A car is a means of transportation, not something to impress people who couldn't care less if you go bankrupt because you can't make your monthly car payments.

  • Encourage your children to earn their keep. Have your older children to take on after-school jobs to pay for their "wants" or luxuries. Award the younger ones with some change for doing chores.
  • Enjoy inexpensive family outings. The important thing is being able to spend time with the family. You can have just as much fun playing ball with your kids at the park as you would on a cruise that will cost you an arm and a leg.

Keep the entire family on the same page when it comes to finances and reasons for frugal living. Each family member should also know his spending limit.

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