Saving Money with Coupons

Believe it or not, there is a bit of 'art' to saving money with coupons and stretching your dollar. These tips should help you make the most of those coupons you clip and benefit from having some extra cash in your pocket.

Some people use coupons at every opportunity. Others find coupons a hassle or waste of time. So, are coupons really worth it? The answer to that depends on you.

If you are someone who collects every coupon that you can lay your hands on or you spend hours scouting the best coupons and reading the fine print, then perhaps using coupons is not the most productive use of your time.

Yet, by using coupons judiciously, you can indeed save a bit of money and help with your overall budgeting needs. Here are some of the best ways to maximize your time and save money with coupons:

Where to Look for Coupons

Sunday newspapers, food boxes, the front or back of shopping receipts, and store newsletters are treasure troves for finding money saving coupons. Many times, store have coupons available on their websites, and have circulars with coupons at entrances of retail outlets.

Coupon websites including, and offer scores of savings opportunities. Manufacturer websites often feature excellent coupons, as well.

Direct mail packs that come to your home, such as ValPak, are also stuffed with savings offers that you can use on your next shopping trip.

Using Coupons to Maximize Savings

  • The first rule of thumb for saving money with coupons is to only collect coupons for products you use. Give away or pitch coupons for food, sundries and other items you don't regularly buy. After all, if you buy something extra or new, you're not actually saving anything.
  • Next, think hard before using coupons that require you to buy two or more items to realize savings. Do you really need to buy and store two of something? Or will that extra item be taking up extra space on your shelf for some time.
  • Organize the coupons you clip so you can easily find them when you want to use them. This doesn't necessarily mean you need to buy one of those fancy coupon organizers, and spend hours filing your coupons. Even putting coupons in traditional files, envelopes or a shoe box can help you keep track of offers by category and expiration date.
  • Keep your coupons in a highly visible place so you won't forget to take them when you go shopping. Consider storing your coupon file or box where you keep your car keys. Then, before heading out, you can quickly scan your coupon file for things you plan to buy.
  • Every time you go through your coupons, throw out any that have expired.

Always be conscious of your time when working with coupons. Remember, you are supposed to have money saving coupons, not time wasting coupons.

Other Tips for Saving Money with Coupons

  • Is there a sale on an item you use regularly and already have a coupon for? Grab it and redeem your coupon during the sale for even greater savings.
  • Shop at stores that accept double coupons so you can double your savings.
  • Consider whether a coupon for a brand name item yields savings over the generic or store brand equivalent. If not, buy the store brand and ditch the coupon, assuming the quality is the same.
  • Take advantage of mail-in rebates. Of course, don't forget to mail in the rebate form and required attachments. In fact, do it right after you get home.
  • If you are heading out for lunch or dinner with a friend or partner, take advantage one of those buy-on-get-one-free meal deals.

Hopefully these tips help you find at least a few ways of saving money with coupons. If you have some great money saving tips or coupon advice, please share them with site visitors by completing the short form below. We'll include a link below to a web page with your submitted tips.

We'd love to hear your savings ideas and others will surely benefit, as well. Thank you!

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