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This article on Ways to Save Money was submitted by site visitor Sandra P. from Muncie, Indiana.

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Here are some tips that I've found helpful to keep more money in my wallet and the bank - and curb spending. 

Cable/Satellite TV: Cancel or downgrade your cable or satellite television subscriptions. With all of the video available via the web, as well as the more economical movie and show streaming services, you can literally save hundreds or more each year.

Soft Drinks: Stop buying costly sodas and drink tap water. Sodas are unnecessary expenses. If you must have your soda fix, buy the two-litter bottles when they are on sale. Never go to a convenience store and pay for singles. Keep the money in your pocket. 

Bottled Water: While it may be convenient, do not spend your money on bottled water. Not only is it expensive, the plastic bottles are not environmentally friendly. It is far better to buy a safe refillable container and fill it with tap water when you are on the go.

Mobile Phone Options: Try to reduce your monthly bill by eliminating extras, including surplus data, you don't use or seeing if there is a more economical plan you can go with.

Also, if you haven't tried pay-as-you-go plans, they may represent the best value compared to a two-year contract with early-cancellation fees.  

Laundry Detergent: Washing your clothes can get expensive considering the high cost of detergent. So try making your own detergent at home.

An internet search reveals many different recipes. An example is this site at www.wikihow.com/Make-Your-Own-Laundry-Detergent.

Also, you can save electricity by not running your clothes dryer as often (or paying for dryer time at a laundromat) simply by using an old-fashioned clothes line. 

Save on Gas for Your Vehicle: There are a number of apps you can use to find the cheapest place to purchase gas, as well as find the best route hat will help you conserve the gas already in your tank. App examples include GasBuddy, FuelFinder, MyMPG, iGasUp, Waze, and Gas Hog.

Coupons: Use them! Not only should you clip coupons from your neighborhood newspaper, look online for specials at retails stores, groceries, restaurants and other where you spend money. 

Prescription Medicine: Different pharmacies charge different prices for prescription and nonprescription medication - even if you have insurance. Free apps can help you find the lowest prices.

Some of these apps are LowestMed, GoodRX, OTC Plus and Prescription Saver. Also, check websites of top drug store chains for pricing and specials.

Budgeting: Be sure you have a budget, monitor it regularly and stick to it. This will allow you to see your exact spending and plan for ways to save.

There are free online tools such as LevelMoney.com, BudgetPulse.com, SavvyMoney.com and Mint.com that can help you track your expenses. Even a simple spreadsheet program can be an invaluable tool in helping you manage your spending and saving.

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